SugarSync Review

For the last few years I’ve used Sugarsync extensively to not only back up my personal computer but also access files on the go from my iPhone.

As deciding on the best cloud storage can be such a challenge I therefore thought that a detailed Sugarsync review may be useful to some readers. Hopefully by the end of this review you’ll appreciate not just their strengths but also the few weaknesses I’ve found and will feel more confident in deciding if Sugarsync is the right cloud storage company for you.

Sugarsync Features & Benefits

Sugarsync is designed to work on both Windows and Mac machines, as well as offering free apps for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices. In my experience their backup software is not just simple and effective but also beautifully designed making it a real pleasure to use.

Within minutes of signing up and downloading the software you’ll be configuring your first backup. Depending on the size of your hard drive this initial backup could take some time – mine was running for almost 24 hours – but after this backups are minimal and automatic.

In essence every time I start my computer, Sugarsync is set to run and back up any new or modified files. A small Sungarsync “hummingbird” icon shows me that all my files are backed up. This changes from green to gray if my computer cannot connect to the Sugarsync servers or shows an arrow if the backup is currently occurring.

This simple icon therefore makes life nice and easy because I can be alerted to problems at any time and feel confident that if the hummingbird is there then all my files are safe and secure.

All standard files are backed up including Word documents, photos and videos. Additionally, Sugarsync stores multiple versions of files – a process known in the industry as “file versioning”. In essence what this means is that if you modify an existing document – even if you save it with the same file name – Sugarsync will realize and store both the old and the new versions.

In total, they’ll store five versions of any document. While this may sound like an unimportant detail I’ve had it come in handy many times where I suddenly realize I’ve made a mistake a wish I could restore a file I’m working on to a previous version. With Sugarsync you can do just that.

Furthermore thanks to the mobile apps and Sugarsync’s syncing feature, I’m not only able to access all my backed up files from my iPhone but I’m also able to back up all the photos taken on my phone and access them directly from my computer.

It’s important to mention in this Sugarsync review just how useful I find this feature. Some years ago I realized I was taking lots of photos with my iPhone (far more than with my digital camera) but transferring them over to my computer for safe-keeping was a long and boring process. Now with Sugarsync it’s simplicity itself.

Another benefit of the mobile apps of course is being able to access my computer files while I’m out and about. This has been handy in social situations – managing to call up photos I took years ago and stored on my personal computer – but also for work where any important files I need can be quickly accessed.

Indeed the newly-updated Sugarsync app is one of the nicest and most practical cloud storage apps I’ve tested – a benefit that shouldn’t be underestimated if you’re a smartphone user.

Extending Sugarsync

Like most cloud storage companies Sugarsync is designed to back up all the files and folders on your hard drive. This sounds like exactly what you’d expect until you consider all the things this may exclude…

For example most online backup software won’t back up your social profiles such as your Facebook page, your emails or your Evernote account. For many people this won’t be an issue but if you want to back up everything in your “digital life” you may be a little disappointed.

Therefore no Sugarsync review would really be complete without mentioning what is really their most unique feature – namely their integration into a number of other online apps that extend the use of your account.

For example the Kloudless app adds Sugarsync functionality to your emails while Zapier will help you back up your Gmail or Evernote account.

With new apps being released all the time, this means that Sugarsync is one of the most feature-rich, extendable and flexible online backup providers, capable of fulfilling virtually any need you might have from a cloud storage solution.

Sugarsync Pricing & Value-For-Money

Sugarsync offers two different forms of account; the “individual” account and the “business” account with different “tiers” offering varying amounts of storage space.

Individual accounts start very cheaply (at the time of writing for just $7.49 a month) and offer a reasonble 60gb of space. You should be aware however that this account type is limited to a single computer so if you have more than one device that you need to back up you’ll likely need to go for the business account.

Business accounts start at $55 a month though will cover up to three users making it an ideal solution not just for small businesses but also families that own a number of computers they’d like to back up.

Overall while these aren’t the cheapest prices on the market they do represent very fair value for money and are by no means the most expensive accounts we’ve seen.

Sugarsync Review Conclusion

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, I’ve personally used Sugarsync for some years and I’ve been very happy with the overall service I’ve received.

Personally I believe they’re an excellent, low-cost way to get started with backing up your computer to the cloud – especially if you consider yourself less computer-literate. Their software is simple and intuitive to use and support from staff tends to be excellent in our experience.

However before I finish my Sugarsync review I feel it’s only fair to mention two additional points – which eventually encouraged me to move away from Sugarsync.

Firstly, I found their online backup software to be very slow on my computer. In comparison to some of their competitors’ software, I found the amount of memory that the software uses rather frustrating, which led to my computer running slowly on a regular basis and meaning other everyday computer tasks took me far longer than they needed to.

In addition, some of their competitors actually offer more storage space for the same cost and/or cover more than one computer. Therefore while I’m still a huge fan of Sugarsync and believe they’re a solid backup company worthy of your consideration I eventually moved away to a faster, better value competitor (incase you were wondering, I moved recently to Livedrive which you can read more about here).

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