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Safecopy Backup provides online backup for multiple computers using one account. The account has several features that enhance remote accessibility, security and information sharing. Users can choose annual storage plans for 200GB or 300 GB; whose prices range from $90 to $160 for the former plan, and $126 to $224 for the latter. To discover the features and possibilities of this affordable online data storage system, read the safecopy review below.

Computers have become part of modern life. In the past, one computer was enough for the entire family. Today, the kids have their own computer, teenagers have their tablets or laptop computers and parents have their own laptops or desktop PCs. At the workplace, computers are the primary data storage devices, with numerous servers holding terabytes of critical information. The thought of losing personal or work related information due to computer crashes is a scary one.

External storage contraptions may seem handy but they also have their own limitations. For instance, external drives and hard discs cannot survive in the event of fire, flooding or similar disasters. These storage devices are also limited in terms of capacity and security. Storage servers may seem like apt backup solutions but they are costly to obtain and manage effectively. Safecopy Backup keeps unlimited data online in a secure, innovative platform readily accessible by users.

How Safecopy Works

Users can begin with a 3GB trial account or purchase a 30-day trial version of the application with money back guarantee. Downloading and installation of the software is simple with a few clicks of the mouse to activate and configure it. Users can immediately begin backing up data, once they enter an email and password provided by the administrators.

Most safecopy review articles by users concur that the backup process is among the fastest in the market. The system uses cloud storage with up to 100 million terabytes in a single expandable node. Secure transfer and storage is guaranteed by 128-bit encryptions during upload and 448-bit encryption during storage. Users do not have to schedule backup time either. Safecopy automatically detects files scheduled for storage and uploads them in user’s accounts in real-time, without interfering with the computers performance.

Another great feature of safecopy is turbo upload. This mechanism ensures rapid uploading of multiple files, without duplication. The technology can detect similar files from different PCs and store them as one in the backend server. Safecopy never removes any data from user’s accounts. The system archives information forever, and only the user can delete information from their account.

Benefits Of Safecopy Over Other Storage Solutions

•    One account can backup information from several computers using Windows or Mac Operating systems.

•    Information is accessible remotely from any location, as long as internet connection is available.

•    Users can share information with friends or colleagues and enable them to add more data on the account. Safecopy is compatible with many file sharing and syncing tools in the market.

•    The storage platform uses the highest levels of security in the market to protect user’s information.

•    Safecopy has a dedicated support team with forums, online chat and email facilities to ensure that customer issues are resolved forthwith.

Safecopy offers online data backup solutions to individual and corporate clients. The California based company operates a data backup platform capable of storing information from multiple computers simultaneously in a single account. The company serves over 4000 companies and 250,000 clients across the globe.

Safecopy review articles online tout the application mainly for its affordability and performance. However, pundits fault its limited plans of only 200 to 300GB payable in annual plans. Some users also complain of poor customer support services from the company. Overall, homeowners and small business operators with more than one computer will find safecopy backup services quite affordable and convenient to use.

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  • Thanks for interesting review. I was in search for a secure online storage site for sometime which is cheap. I think now my search is over. I signed up for their service and most of all, I liked what you said “One account can backup information from several computers using Windows or Mac Operating systems.”

    • One premier bacukp solution that isn’t listed yet is SOS Online Backup. They provide secure online bacukp worldwide and have been in business since 2001. There is also a free 5gb plan that you can sign up for on their site that includes PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and Facebook bacukp.

  • i enjoy using safe copy backup service. there was a time when my friends asked me to share my home videos but i feared to share on web. but now, with safecopy with encryption, i upload my videos to safe copy and share it with my friends using safe copy sharing service. its so easy and useful.