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It can be quite difficult to know which online backup service to choose, as usually you will not find out how effective a particular service is until disaster happens. One of the best-known backup providers is Mozy, and you may be wondering how to find out whether it is right for you. It can be helpful to look at a Mozy review to find out the stronger and weaker points of the service.

Most people nowadays are becoming convinced of the advisability of using an online backup service. There can be very few people who have not lost their data, or personally known somebody who has, because of some unexpected event. This could be a major disaster like fire, flood or earthquake, or it could be something as simple as spilling coffee on the computer, or just a hard drive crash.

Using a memory stick or an external hard drive can work well, but can be affected by the same possibilities of data loss as might affect your computer. Remote backup is really the answer, as long as you can find a service you know you can trust.

Mozy is one of the industry leaders in the field of backup providers, and does seem to be a preferred solution for a large number of users. As a cloud service it enables users to back up their data continuously if they require, and offers storage and backup facilities on two levels, for business (MozyPro), and personal (MozyHome) use.

The MozyHome version seems to be perfectly adequate for the majority of users, as long as they do not require advanced or sophisticated features, and is capable of backing up most types of file. One big advantage MozyHome has over its closest rivals is that it  can back up an external hard drive, and in addition its 2xprotect feature enables you to back up your data both to the cloud and to the external drive in the same operation.

Another aspect in which Mozy is considered to score over its competitors is the degree of control the user has over what files are backed up, and when. Once the software is installed on your computer, an initial back up of your hard drive is performed, and after this files are backed up automatically when the computer is idle. The interface is clear and simple to use, and makes it easy for you to select which files to back up, and to change settings.

You also have control over security, as although Mozy encrypts your data, you have the alternative option of choosing a private key with your own password. However, Mozy’s own data encryption is of military-grade standard, and a private option should not be necessary. In terms of recover options, Mozy also comes out best, as it is the only provider to offer a DVD option as well as web and PC interface restore plans. This method can be much faster in the case of a large amount of data.

The main complaint some users have about Mozy is that it is impossible to shut down the software, without actually uninstalling it. This is not a problem for some, as it means that the data is being backed up on a continuous basis, but others object to having a program running on their computer all the time, without being able to close it if they want to. There have also been complaints about the slow speed of data transfer to the cloud, which is limited to the speed of your Internet connection. In addition, their customer service is not considered great, as there is no direct contact with staff.

Despite a few drawbacks, almost every Mozy review shows the product to be a popular service and much in demand. It is affordable, and the software is easy to use and well designed. For those looking for an accessible web-based backup solution, it would probably be hard to find one that came much closer to meeting their requirements.

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