Livedrive Review: Our #1 Recommendation

Livedrive is currently the number one cloud storage company both in Europe and the USA and has won numerous media accolades including the Wall Street Journal calling it “cloud storage excellence“.

Having tested out dozens of different online backup solutions over the last five years or so it’s also our most highly-rated provider and the cloud storage company that we personally use here in the office. To help explain why Livedrive is such an impressive way to secure and back up your computer, let’s put it under the microscope in our brand new Livedrive review…

Who Is Livedrive For?

livedrive screenshotWith over 6 years of experience and half a million active customers Livedrive certainly has a long and illustrious pedigree. Their target market is what they call the “prosumer” – which they define as people who are discerning, smart and early adopting.

People just like you, in other words, who appreciate the importance of online backups and are searching for the best all-round solution. Our experiences of Livedrive – even some years before sitting down to write our Livedrive review – is that they’re an excellent “jack-of-all-trades”. What we mean by this is that Livedrive really manages to create the perfect combination of a seriously feature-rich offering with surprisingly low prices.

Despite comparing them to literally dozens of other providers in our database we still haven’t found another provider on the market that manages to offer so much for so little making them one of the best deals around. However don’t just take out word for it – read on to discover some of the many impressive features that led Computer Shopper magazine to name Livedrive as their 5-Star Best Buy.

No Storage Limits

Most of Livedrive’s competitors severely limit the amount of storage space you can use meaning you need to make some difficult decisions. If you have a decent number of files on your computer – particularly memory-heavy files like photos, videos and music – you’ll either need to decide which files you’re willing to omit from your backups or pay through the nose for a larger storage account. Livedrive gets around this problem by offering unlimited cloud storage to everyone – even on their lowest cost accounts.

This means you don’t need to make compromises. You don’t need to worry about upgrading your account in the future as your hard drive grows. And you don’t need to worry about ever-increasing bills as your cloud storage account fills up. One price. Unlimited storage. That’s a nice simpe solution if ever I heard one. What’s more, they’ll even store files that you delete from your computer for 30 days and store up to 30 versions of every file on your computer to give you even more protection.

Unique “Modular” Approach

There are typically two types of services offered by cloud storage companies; namely online backups and file sharing/syncing. The benefits of backing up online are clear but not everyone will need to access their files from their smartphone or want to sync files between multiple computers. With virtually every other storage company these two services come bundled together – however Livedrive has a unique “modular” approach that lets you pick and choose the services you need. You can either select their online backup solution, their file syncing option (known as “Briefcase”) or get both combined with their Pro Suite. This means that you can tailor a service specifically to your needs – and pay only for the features you need.

File Editing On The Go

It’s not just this modular approach or their unlimited storage space that helps Livedrive to stand out from the crowd. As we discovered while researching the company in depth for this Livedrive review, the company has also recently two applications called Zoho and Pixlr to all Livedrive accounts. What these apps mean is that you can now edit both photos and Office documents such as word processing files and spreadsheets from any computer. Simply log into your Livedrive account, call up the document from your hard drive that you’d like to work with and get going.

Trusted By Big Brands

If their pedigree is still in any doubt despite their years of experience and the accolades we’ve already mentioned from the media it’s also worth noting that some major companies rely on Livedrive to secure their data and provide backup services for their customers. Two examples of these are PC World in the UK and TigerDirect in the USA.

Service To Make You Smile

Unsurprisingly for such a successful company, exceptional customer service comes as standard. Their support team operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with a response to your email enquiries guaranteed within 24 hours. Fortunately we’ve found their storage software to be very simple to use. Even industry magazine PC Pro described Livedrive as “exceedingly easy to setup and use“. But all the same it’s nice to know that if you do have a problem there’s a dedicated support team ready and waiting to help you.

Value For Money

Here’s the thing; while setting up a cloud storage company is expensive, once it’s all set up then the cost difference between having a thousand customers or a million is minimal. All you need to do is scale up your storage a bit. Therefore it makes sense for cloud storage companies to attract as many new customers as possible because each new customer is largely profit. This is one reason why we put such an emphasis on cost here in this site.

In general, higher prices don’t necessarily mean a better service in the cloud storage world – it’s just as likely to mean that the parent company is just making bigger profits from you. So when you take into account all the features and benefits we’ve already mentioned in our Livedrive review, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how cheap it really is to get started.

At the time of writing online backup accounts with unlimited storage can be had for as little as $19 a month – even lower if you don’t want the “Briefcase” add-on. When you contrast the features on offer with the low price point it’s clear that Livedrive really is one of the best-value offering around – and no matter how much research you do you’re really going to struggle to find a better deal anywhere.

A Word Of Warning

So Livedrive is perfect then, is it? Well, we think Livedrive is an incredibly impressive online backup solution but there is one tiny glitch in it’s armor that you should be aware of. For some bizarre reason, it seems that at present Livedrive doesn’t encrypt your files by default before uploading them to your storage account.

Encryption isn’t just important – it’s essential – for keeping your files safe and secure while they’re in the cloud so this is an odd oversight for such a popular company.

That said, there is a simple solution. When you download the Livedrive software, simply go into the settings and ensure you’ve turned on the encryption option. It’ll only take a moment and then you can rest easy that all your files are being backed up securely and are protected using bank-grade encryption software.

Review Conclusion

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Value-For-Money 5
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We’ve tested out literally dozens of different storage companies over the years – some for review here on this site and some for our own personal use. During that time we’ve seen the full spectrum of results – from terrible cloud storage companies to fantastic ones. To companies that charge huge amounts to those that charge next to nothing. In other words we’ve got a lot of experience in this field.

To date, putting aside the unfortunate encryption “hiccup”, Livedrive is hands-down the best cloud storage company we’ve come across. When you weigh up the long list of impressive features, the unlimited storage space and the low cost for an account they really do blow their competitors out of the water.

If you’re considering investing in cloud storage but are struggling to decide on the best solution, we’d strongly advise you to consider Livedrive. They offer a no-obligation two week trial so you can test them out without having to pay a penny so why click here now to get your trial account?

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