Idrive Review

In the ever-evolving technology of cloud storage, there are many options out there to consider. With so many choices, it can be rather difficult and intimidating to discern which one is best for you.

To help us answer these questions, and analyze whether Idrive may be a suitable solution for your needs, let’s jump straight into our detailed Idrive review.

Work or Play?

Idrive implores you to answer one simple question, “Did you back it up?”. When considering personal or business needs Idrive definitely delivers on this aspect.

Its basic package offers up 5MB of storage capacity. Ideal for either the individual sitting at home just loading their personal files up to the cloud or the entrepreneur trying to shape and save their files.

Promising a very fast back up and the ability to share via email, Facebook, or Twitter, Idrive offers its user the opportunity to share over most major social networking platforms.


Idrive comes fully equipped with tons of features even in the basic package. It allows the user true archiving, continuous back up, open/locked file back up support, no limit on its upload or even download size, scheduled back ups, and those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Along with all of these already outstanding features, Idrive makes them very easy to use and they encrypt all of the data allowing for not only quality but peace of mind as well. There is no questioning the expansive features that can be found on even the most basic version of Idrive.

Your Idrive Budget

Don’t get me wrong, Idrive basic has tons of features. For whatever reason though, the free option may not be the best fit for you. Along with the basic choice, Idrive also offers a personal, family, or business package. This allows for a customizable experience for any user of this application.


First, lets look at the personal option. For starters, it only costs $39.60 yearly, which really isn’t too bad since it offers 150 GB of storage for this rate. Still not enough storage space for your personal use? That’s fine because they have upgradable memory choices starting at $119.60 or $239.60 a year.

The first upgradable memory offer gives 500 GB of storage and the second one 1,000GB. The personal package also boasts a good support plan, as opposed to only the basic support offered in their free version.


Next, the family package. The rate for this plan starts at just $14.95/ month and has the option to pay yearly for only $149.50. It gives 500 GB of memory, which should be great for most families.

One of the standout features of the family package that we discovered when investigating for this Idrive review is the ability to backup up to 5 PC’s to a parallel, single account. Add that ability onto the fact that the family package offers good support and you have a combination suited to any family.


Finally, the Idrive business package. Starting at 100GB for only $79.60 yearly and going all the way up to 5,000 GB this package offers an extensive storage capacity for even the largest business.

With the ability to back up any number of computers to a single centralized hub and the option to add more for only $100, the Idrive business pack offers the most customisable administrative control available.

Full web-based administrative support is also standard in the business bundle and priority support for all your security or other needs. Packing all of these great features to cater towards any business need makes Idrive a top choice indeed.

Idrive Review: The Conclusion

Coming to a final conclusion in our Idrive review is simple. No matter what your need Idrive pretty much has them all covered. The only thing for you to do is to ask yourself the intended use, feature desirability, and budget to quickly arrive at the answer of whether or not Idrive is for you.

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