Dropbox Review

Dropbox is an online program that allows users to store files and data across multiple platforms. This Dropbox review will hopefully afford users with some insight about the product.

Dropbox is a free program that offers online storage of documents. It is simple to sign up for an account and the initial storage that is offered is usually sufficient for most users. The basic account comes with 2.5 GB of storage, which is perfect for all but the power users. For someone that needs more storage, there are upgrade options. For 100 GB, the cost is $19.99 per month, and there are team options for businesses that need much larger storage options.

Once signed up for an account, the program will guide the user through a number of different tasks to get the most out of it. For example, Dropbox can be linked to a number of different computers. There is a free utility that gets installed on the computer. This will then allow a person to link files to the account. Depending on preferences, this can be used in a number of different ways. Some people may just want to link a few flies to Dropbox, while others use this feature for all documents. When doing this, a person can rest assured that all of their documents are safely stored in the cloud.

Once the account is set up, files can be saved online through the website or linked via computers that have the software installed. Folders can be made and organized quite easily. When looking for files, there is a simple search bar on the site. Here, it is quick to find the desired file.

Security is important for any user when it comes to online data. This is not a concern for any users of Dropbox as all of the data is secure and all sites are https. When sharing, there is no possibility that a person can gain access to other files. The only concern would be if a person gave out their username and password to the site.

Sharing of files is a nice feature of the program. Entire folders or individual files can be shared. The other person does not need to have an account to access the files. In the sharing, the user decides what files to share and what access level to give the other person. The other individual will then have access only to the desired files. For collaborating with others on a project, this feature is quite useful.

One nice feature is that there is the ability to see deleted files. This can be quite handy if a file is deleted prematurely. Accidents can easily happen, and this button can come in quite handy in some situations.

Dropbox also has a mobile application that can be downloaded for free onto many different smart phones. The app is free to download and is secured through a login process. Once the app is set up, there is a nice numeric passcode to get into the program. Once in the app itself, files can be viewed, opened and shared as well. There is support for Evernote as well as Readdle Docs, where a person can use either of these apps to open and share the specific document. With the app installed on the phone, a person is never without his important documents and files.

When it comes to cloud storage of important files and documents, a person wants to have a simple, safe and convenient method of organizing and storing everything. Dropbox provides this and is one of the cleanest and best ways to store files.

Richard Adams

I've been obsessed with computers since my parents bought me my first Spectrum 48k for Christmas as a child. Now I focus my efforts on blogging about the latest trends in software - with a particular emphasis on cloud storage services.