Crashplan Review

In this age of technology, it is important to have a backup plan for your computer in case of a crash. As with many other elements of life, consider this insurance.

The longer you have your computer the more likely a crash may occur. And, new computers are not exempt. Natural disasters, fires and theft will cause the destruction of your computer.

This puts you at a tremendous loss because your data is no longer accessible. To prepare for loss just in case any of this happens, it is necessary to have an online backup solution like Crashplan.

Let’s take a closer look at the features on offer and value-for-money in our new Crashplan review.

Backup Plan

The free version of Crashplan does not offer online backup. Instead, it offers you the option to back up your data on another computer such as that of a friend.

If this option is not entirely satisfactory to you, other plans are available. This may be not the best plan because the computer of a friend runs the same risk of data loss. Also, exposing your sensitive data to others does not equal true security even though the data is encrypted.

A paid plan is different. The paid plan offers the service of backing up your data on online servers. The price varies according to how much storage space you will require. Your files are stored forever if this is what you desire. This feature means that you will always have access to this data.

Overview of Features

Crashplan offers you the opportunity to backup your data on the online servers. Whether your system is a Mac, PC or Linux, it is covered. You can choose between an unlimited storage amount and specific storage amount. It certainly depends on the amount of data you need backed up.

One thing that stood out while investigating to write this Crashplan review is that the level of encryption is optimum regardless of the plan you choose. Although nothing is 100%, this level of encryption is superior. Before transfer, a 448-bit Blowfish encryption algorithm is used to encrypt the hard drive of the user. Then, when the transfer begins, another encryption process is added.

When the service begins, your computer is backed up. The central interface of Crashplan reveals the backup status. All tasks performed are shown on a log. You can restore any and all data that is stored on the online server.

The application process reveals access to the settings and vital information. You can pause the backup if you need the additional bandwidth for an important task. It is resumed in 24 hours where it left off should you forget to resume the process yourself.

Restoring your data is a significant element of backing up the data. Regardless of the backup process, if you cannot restore the data it is moot. You can choose a standard restore, or different file versions.

You can determine how you want your files backed up and this in turn, gives you several options for restoring your data. The option to restore single files or entire groups is a great feature. Business people who travel a lot can access specific individual files online wherever they are.


Pricing is great because it is catered to the individual need of the customer. Whatever plan you choose and the amount of storage will determine the price. This, of course, is relative to the pricing of plan packages. Crashplan even offers family packages for multiple computers.

Crashplan Review Summary

Crashplan offers great features at reasonable prices for backing up your critical and sensitive data. Certainly, this insurance is worth the price for your computer.

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