Backblaze Review

Backblaze is a nifty backup software that gives you unlimited backup for one computer. This is the perfect option if you are looking for storage with minimal features.

Sign Up And Installation

In any Backblaze review, you will read that installing Backblaze is quite easy and begins with the creation of a user account. All you need to do is enter your name and e-mail account to create your account. This gives you the opportunity to download the software and begin your free two-week trial period.

After downloading the executable file, click the RUN button for the installation on your computer to begin. However, this process might vary depending on the operating system you are using. You have to accept the license agreement terms to start using Backblaze. The software will then analyze your hard drive to find files which need to be backed up.

Backing Up With Backblaze

You can practically backup all types of files with Backblaze with operating system files being the only exceptions. It is important to check that all hard drives have been selected for backup. This includes external hard drives, if you wish to back them up as well.

There is an option of controlling your data connection to either revert to manual selection or automatic throttling. The automatic option is the most preferable setting unless your Internet connection is slow. Backups are set by default to be continuous although you can change this setting if you would like to schedule particular time periods for backing up.

Another default setting that we were surprised to discover when investigating for this Backblaze review is that backups are for files not more than 4 GB in size. To change this setting click the settings exclusions button and change it to accept bigger files. To ensure that your files and data remain safe, encryption is done before storage.

Backblaze Review Of The Features

During installation, Backblaze will add an icon on your computer which you can use to access the software. Some of the interface features include check for updates, help, control panel, and backup. The most important features which you need to be aware of are found under the control Panel tab. This includes Restore Options, Backup Now, and Settings. The Locate MyComputer feature can help you locate your computer if it is stolen. All you have to do is contact Backblaze Web admin for help finding the lost PC.

Restoring Backed Up Files

Restoring files involves selecting the particular folder(s) that you would like to restore. You can also choose to download the files on a USB flash drive or external hard drive. After this, the files will be retrieved and downloaded. In addition to the download, you will get an email informing you of the downloaded files. The interface for restoring folders gives you the ability to choose individual files if you so wish. Just make use of the checkboxes to select what you want restored.

Another useful feature is time range of file versions. If you would like to restore big files, it is advisable to download them in the zip format. However, this is not protected by password or encryption and might be vulnerable to hacking. You can make use of the DVD or USB drive options if your Internet connection is not reliable. The cost of a 4.4 GB capacity DVD is about $99 while a USB drive costs about $189.

Backblaze does not have mobile application, file sharing, or local backup features. However, the Locate My Computer feature is something you will not find in any other backup software. The 2,048-bit RSA/private encryption is one of the most secure meaning your data and files will not be compromised.

The backup service is easy for novice computer users to get up and running within no time at all. Customer support is available via e-mail 24 hours every day. Your queries will be answered within a few hours.

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